Have you ever seen the manufacture process of socks? – PRODUCTION PROCESS

Have you ever seen the manufacture process of socks? – PRODUCTION PROCESS

the production process behind the socks

From the raw materials entering the factory to the finished socks, the factory also needs to go through many processes. When going through each process in sequence, it must follow certain methods and requirements, and be carried out under certain conditions. The whole process is the sock production process. The production process of the hosiery factory must be formulated according to the performance of raw materials, the requirements of finished products, and the equipment used. Reasonable technology can shorten the production cycle and achieve the goals of high quality, high yield and low cost.

Have you ever seen the process of making socks (2)

Before the product putting into production, it mainly goes through several steps: sampling, duplicate sample, approval, and production. The processing of raw materials includes dyeing then weaving, or weaving then dyeing. The process is determined according to the product, raw material and equipment. At present, most cotton socks and stretch nylon silk socks are dyed first and then woven, while plain cotton stockings and nylon silk socks are woven first and then dyed. Now take four kinds of socks as examples, and simply list the production process.

1. Colored cotton socks

Skeining of raw materials → scouring → mercerizing → dyeing → winding → weaving cuffs → hosiery knitting → inspection → seaming → inspection → ironing → finishing → finished products leave the factory.

2.  Stretch Nylon Silk Socks

Skeining raw materials→dyeing→winding→weaving cuffs→knitting hosiery→inspection→sewing head→inspection→shaping→finishing→finished products leave the factory.

3. plain cotton socks

Tube-packed raw materials → threading → cuff weaving → hosiery knitting → inspection → seam → inspection → dyeing → ironing → finishing → finished product leaving the factory.

4. Nylon Silk Socks

Raw material in tube → weaving cuff → cuff shaping → hosiery knitting → inspection → seam → inspection → first shaping → dyeing → second shaping → finishing → finished product leaving the factory.

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